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Know Us

Initially started with the vision of creative revolution and principal to help businesses across the globe - By Foundational heads of The Studio5 in year 2002.

After an extensive and strategical research, study and hard work of 24 Months we decided to go global on December 14th, 2004. Since then, to till date we have stepped up & changed the definitions of Digital Creations with the use of smartest programming platforms available -  “We literally have transformed the Industry of Design, Graphics & Animation” we enjoyed an unopposed supremacy in our industry “You ask - We provide”

Today in the 11th Year, The Studio5 Australia is a nexus of most eligible, talented and brightest stars of the Design, Graphics & Multimedia Industry, we have helped 10000 Businesses across the world –in the core areas of digital media which includes Illustration, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Flash, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX & Post Video Production.

The Studio5 Australia strongly believes that, we are capable to manage every dimensions of above mentioned areas on the base of our Innovation, Technical Knowhow, & Cost efficient digital media solutions for businesses & corporates.

It is what we live in our studio. “We just don’t do it, we feel it.”

We just do not compromise when it’s about quality, Project life cycle and Turnaround Time - and to meet up with the expectations of our time poor clients, we work 24X7 and we enjoy working towards making you satisfied with the solutions we provide.

We always keep our clients informed using SCRUM environment, so our clients are updated about the live process of their Business projects. 

We assure you a memorable experience while you partner with The Studio5 Australia

If you have any questions or queries, please click here to contact us, and we would be glad to assist you.

Work Culture

The Studio5 Australia is a multimedia, 2d 3d animation & brand development company, operating across Australia - successfully providing ground breaking results to our clients with the help of our unique philosophy & business model.

We strongly believe in the ‘win-win’ philosophy. We believe that every art work we create for any client from almost any industry in any discipline from Illustration Designing to Web Designing or to niche Visual Effects and Animations. It will have the target effect required to make business better and eventually a great success in client’s vision or mission and while proves the success to us and our vision of creativity and art.

We strongly believe that the passion of art in any form is not just the task, but it has strong connections with natural abilities of a human being and some spiritual connection with his higher self. So in any piece of our projects, we have always worked to bring and use those strengths of nature and try giving best shot require to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Once we undertake & commission our client's projects, we extends 100% dedication to match an "apple to apple" which always have place our client as a trend setter of their industry and ultimately helps their business to reach to its best potential.

Time is Money - so we have got strict delivery schedules in place which has helped us to deliver always before time. We understand that how much important it is to launch any project in planned time line, so we strictly follow any given time line to us.

Besides this we are committing ourselves to share our success in all terms with the wellbeing of people who is not enough self-reliant to help themselves. We try to spread the happiness as much as we can with our talents, work and ethics.